Monday, 9 January 2012

Famelab Finalist

I entered the video heat of FameLab 2011/12 at the end of last year and I WON! 

The concept is: 3 mins to explain a complex scientific concept. No powerpoint!

The other entries were super so I was very shocked and surprised to be a finalist. Famelab is a great event aimed at finding the next generation of science communicators, with prizes along the way. It's international as well so check out entries from all over the world. 

The UK Final will be held at the Royal Institution in March so I have some time to think of a new subject...and obviously some props!

My video is here:
 Essentially I'm explaining Young's Double Slit experiment. It's the greatest and bestest quantum physics demonstration we have. And you can derive nearly all of the theories of quantum mechanics from it. Although I don't think Young expected me to explain it using Justin Bieber though. 

To find out more about FameLab in the UK go to their website here

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